Mima Kapches
The Legacy of Conrad Heidenreich in Archaeology
In 1971 the research world of the Huron/Wendat people was changed forever by the publication of Huronia: A History and Geography of the Huron Indians by then newly minted PhD, Professor Conrad Heidenreich. As important as the Jesuit Relations and Elisabeth Tooker’s Huron Ethnography (1964) were at that time, Heindenreich’s Huronia, a Ste. Marie Prize winning book became the gold standard for research for archaeologists, ethnologists and historians working among the Wendat and other Iroquoian peoples. As Heidenreich’s career evolved his expertise in deciphering the maps of the mid-17th century led to identification of the locations of Wendat villages. Moreover, Heidenreich’s studies on the history of Samuel de Champlain rounded out scholarly focus on the 17th century. The impact of his scholarly work has been recognized over the years, and he trained many students who went on to specialize in Wendat and 17th century history, while others became archaeologists and researchers in related fields of study. In 2002 Conrad Heidenreich retired from York University and in the 13 subsequent years there has not been a celebration of his career. On Oct 17th, the session “The Legacy of Conrad Heidenreich” will remedy that lack and will include papers by former students and colleagues whose research has been impacted by his teachings and his published work. Considering Heidenreich’s focus on Champlain and the Wendat people it is most fitting that this session is held at the OAS Symposium in Midland, Ontario on the 400th anniversary of Champlain’s arrival in the land of the Wendat. That said not all of the papers in this session will be about this interesting period of Ontario’s past, as two presenters will discuss the archaeology of northern Ontario and one will be a foray into the linguistics of Ontario’s First Peoples.
2015-09-15 15:54:30
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Bonnie Glencross
A timely and fitting tribute! Looking forward to this exciting event!
2015-08-24 22:42:10
Dena Doroszenko
Looking forward to the day!
2015-08-26 10:41:12
Rudy Fecteau
As a former student of Conrad's I am looking forward to being one of the presenters in the session in his honour.
2015-08-26 16:20:21
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