Gary Warrick
The Huron-Wendat Nation and St. Lawrence Iroquoians: Their Origins and Relations
The ethnogenesis and geopolitical history of the Northern Iroquoian peoples, specifically the St. Lawrence Iroquoians and the Wendat, will be the focus of a full-day session at the OAS 2015 Symposium. This session promises to be the highlight of this year's meeting in Midland. Further to Mariane Gaudreau's posting, for the first time in an OAS forum, archaeologists and the Huron-Wendat will be discussing the archaeological evidence and interpretation of that evidence related to the cultural, political, economic, and linguistic relationships between the Iroquoians of the St. Lawrence valley (St. Lawrence Iroquoians) and Iroquoians in south-central Ontario (i.e., Wendat). The big question that all participants have been asked to consider is: Are St. Lawrence Iroquoians ancestors of the Huron-Wendat? The answer to this question will demand that archaeologists and the Huron-Wendat engage in a deep discussion that will force all of us to evaluate our collective ability to truly see our ancestors as they really were from the shreds and patches left to us from archaeological remains, linguistics, written documents and maps, and oral history. I wholeheartedly agree with Mariane Gaudreau - whatever answer emerges to the big question, this session will encourage archaeologists and the Huron-Wendat to work together in the future toward common goals - writing history and ensuring that the archaeological and oral and documentary evidence, on which that history is based, will be there for future generations.
2015-09-15 15:54:30
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